Program Management

Erickson-Hall Construction Co.’s proven management expertise comes to the forefront on every project. Our teams are experienced in overseeing and coordinating large-scale programs involving millions of dollars of goods and services. As the clients’ single point of contact, the Program Management team integrates the activities of the client, consultants, BIM teams, construction managers, contractors, and federal/state/local agencies into a single cohesive entity. More specifically, the program manager is responsible for managing and maintaining the most critical aspects of the project: the scope of individual projects, the schedule, and the budget. Erickson-Hall is recognized for its ability to deliver projects safely, on time, and within budget. One of the reasons clients choose Erickson-Hall for Program Management is our ability to provide all the necessary services in-house, eliminating the need for multiple consultants. This capability is changing the face of Program Management. Erickson-Hall’s fully integrated teams offer services and support in design, management, construction, procurement, project controls, safety, quality, operations, and maintenance. Erickson-Hall’s Program Management service utilizes established systems, tools, procedures, and processes that help to ensure success for future construction projects.