Proper planning and scheduling prior to the start of construction provides the foundation on which every subsequent step is based. Addressing critical details during preconstruction frequently results in fewer construction-phase changes, reduced construction time, and cost savings. It also ensures that the finished product meets a client’s needs and expectations.

The involvement of Erickson-Hall’s construction professionals during this planning stage ensures continuity between preconstruction and construction, so that decisions made during project planning are accurately implemented in the field.

Our open collaborative approach and comprehensive preconstruction services are designed to:

Control Costs
We develop a baseline cost estimate from the conceptual plans and specifications as a powerful tool to control costs. This baseline cost estimate will be worked to the project budget and becomes the tool to track and control costs of the design effort, and ultimately the total cost of the project. Estimates will be based on in-house historic data, current project costs, industry trend indicators, and the involvement of key trade contractors.

Allow Constructability Review
Erickson-Hall evaluates the project drawings to determine the best approach to the project. We use BIM 3-D modeling software to build the project virtually to identify trade collisions and to avoid timely delays on the site. This eliminates inconsistencies in the documents and increases the opportunity to improve the efficiency of construction. The result is increased project safety, the flexibility to phase certain aspects of the project and better overall planning project.

Use Value Engineering (VE)
True VE is the research and discovery of more efficient or less costly materials, means, methods, and building systems that achieve the owner’s intended program requirements without sacrificing quality or scope. As the project design is developed, we review the construction drawings and documents for potential savings. This is also a good time to discuss green building options and life-cycle cost analysis.

Help with Scheduling and Phasing
We develop a construction schedule utilizing current industry leading scheduling software showing the timelines of the different activities that will occur during the construction process. This schedule will be periodically updated as the project design evolves. It is just as critical to keep on schedule during design as it is to keep on schedule when during construction.

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