Vista Fire Station Renovations Finished

Erickson-Hall Construction recently finished renovating Vista Fire Station No. 1 after almost a year of construction work.

The fire station’s entire structure was renovated to improve public safety services for residents and businesses as well as improving emergency response times, according to the city of Vista.

The $3.68 million project involved repairing the two-story, 13,766-square-foot facility by adding 10 dorm rooms to accommodate up to four shifts per room, administrative offices, a fitness room, a day room, kitchen and patio area.

The three apparatus bays have been refurbished with new concrete flooring, a vehicle exhaust removal system, shop air compressor, breathing air cascade system, bi-fold exit doors, storage racks and a workshop area.

The new station also features a state-of-the-art alerting system and training room with a teleconferencing system set up as the main instructional hub for the fire fighters.

Site improvements to the fire station, located at 175 N. Melrose Drive, include new site concrete and a new water efficient landscaping and irrigation system.

The facility’s exterior received a new stucco finish.

Vista Fire Station No. 1 started out as a small tenant improvement project, but after city officials determined the facility needed a seismic retrofit, new utilities, garage upgrades and better living quarters, it turned into a full renovation project.

The design-build project is being paid for through city sale taxes. The landscaping and irrigation work was made possible by a $20,000 grant provided by Greater Vista Fire Safe Council.

The renovation project designed by Jeff Katz Architecture and the project engineers included ILA+Zammit, electrical; Orie2 structural, structural; and T-Squared Professional Engineers, mechanical and plumbing.

The Erickson-Hall project team included Nathan Complin, construction manager; Joe Weigel, project manager; Christina Jacobson, project engineer; and Ward Beck, superintendent.