Stanton Gets New, $6.8-Million Fire Station

Stanton’s newly completed Orange County Fire Station No. 46 is more than twice the size of the original station. The new station allows for fire trucks to drive safely through the garage without having to back in.

This tent has been the temporary home for more than a year for the two engine companies that belong to Orange County Fire Station No 46.

The side of the new Orange County fire station was landscaped with drought-tolerant plants and trees, and is watered by a computer-controlled watering system that only waters when needed. The plants were planted in decomposed granite.

The American flag waves in front of the Stanton’s new fire station.

The empty hallways await firefighters.

One of the engines belonging to Orange County Fire Station No. 46 sits at the rear entrance to the garage. The large, yellow flex-pipe is hooked up to the engine’s exhaust and vented outside so that the engine can be started without opening the garage doors during inclement weather.

This is the firefighter’s kitchen.

Stanton’s City Council along with officials from the Orange County Fire Authority help out as Mayor Brian Donahue and Fire Chief Keith Richter cut the ribbon for the newly completed Orange County Fire Station No. 46.

Fully dressed firefighters make up the honor guard during the dedication ceremonies for Stanton’s newly completed Orange County Fire Station No. 46 on Thursday, Oct. 20.

FILE PHOTO: The West County SWAT team prepares to enter the old Station No. 46 in Stanton. They were able to use the structure for practicing door-breaching and certain explosives techniques before the structure was demolished in October 2010 to make room for the new building.

Firefighters were able to saw holes into the roof of old Station No. 46 in Stanton as part of a training exercise before it was demolished in October 2010.