Fire Station Nears Completion is Stanton

STANTON – Construction of Fire Station 46 took a major step toward completion with the placing of the final piece of the roof over the Orange County Fire Authority facility in Stanton.

The new building replaces the old one located on the same property, which was torn down in August 2010. Since then, members of the OCFA firefighting crew have been working out of a temporary facility built across the street from the permanent location in the 7900 block of Pacific Street.

“You are to be commended for staying on schedule, even with all the rain and storms we had in December,” David Shawver, a member of the Stanton City Council, said at a small gathering to celebrate the construction milestone.

Erickson-Hall, the contractor for the project, celebrated the milestone by paying for a buffet enjoyed by its crew, members of the city staff, and firefighters from the temporary facility.

The project cost of more than $6.8 million includes nearly $1.3 million to acquire three properties adjacent to the property so that the new fire station could be built to modern standards and have space for a parking lot.

The old building was more than 50 years old. The new building will include a drive-through garage, a modern communications room, dormitory rooms for the firefighters, and outdoor racks to drain and dry out fire hoses.

Before the old building was torn down, OCFA firefighters used it to practice firefighting techniques, including cutting holes in the roof and knocking down doors.

The project is expected to be complete in October.

Photo Caption: Checking out the kitchen area of OCFA Station 46 (under construction) are (l-r) Don Romo, director of marketing for the contractor Erickson-Hall, OCFA Operations Chief Jorge Camargo and Stanton City Manager Carol Jacobs.

Photo Captions: Several Orange County Fire Authority officials check out the construction of Station 46 in Stanton. Pictured are (l-r) Steve Klein, OCFA Facilities Manager, OCFA Fire Chief Keith Richter and OCFA Operations Chief Jorge Camargo.

Photo Caption: Construction with Erickson-Hall celebrate the halfway point of construction of OCFA Station 46 being completed on time in the city of Stanton.

Photo Caption: Construction crews, Stanton city officials and OCFA personnel enjoy a snack while celebrating the completion of the roof over the top of OCFA’s Station 46, being built in the city of Stanton. The new firehouse will feature a drive-through garage for the fire vehicles.

Photo Caption: George Mears (left) of Hillcrest Framing and Dane Bennett, a public works inspector for the city of Stanton, check out the progress of OCFA Station 46 in Stanton. The new fire station is built on the same land as the previous outdate station, which was torn down in August 2010.

Photo Caption: City of Stanton Councilman Dave Shawver (right) congratulates the construction crew and others on reaching the halfway point of construction of OCFA Station 46 in the city of Stanton. City Manager Carol Jacobs (left) and Councilman Al Ethans look on the proceedings.

Photo Caption: OCFA firefighter Donovan George uses a chain saw to cut open the roof of Station 46 in Stanton as the unit practiced roof ventilation tactics. The fifty year-old station was demolished in August 2010 so the space could be cleared for a new station on the same property.

Photo Caption: OCFA Captain Robert Bucho swings an axe on the roof of Station 46 in Stanton as firefighters trained on the technique of ventilating roofs. The tactic allows smoke and heat to escape from a burning building allowing firefighters better visibility to attack the fire. The fifty year-old station was demolished in August 2010.