Erickson-Hall Works to Complete School Conversion Project

Construction is under way at a school in Lake Elsinore that will transform a middle school to one that will house K-eighth-grade students.

Work at Lakeland Village School includes constructing new buildings, adding portable classrooms and bringing in new recreational equipment.

There will be new restroom facilities for the primary grades; a new building for restroom facilities for kindergarten and special education; and two remodeled classrooms that will provide additional restrooms for kindergarten and special education students.

The school is relocating seven portable classroom buildings and adding electrical, fire alarm and low voltage systems to them.

Playground facilities for kindergarten, special education and primary grades are also being constructed. Some of the equipment will consist of various blacktop games and tetherball courts.

Site work will also be performed and will include landscape features, fencing behind the buildings and around new electrical equipment and the creation of a new bus drop-off area.

There will also be ADA improvements throughout the school.

San Diego-based Erickson-Hall Construction was in charge of the construction conversion at Lake Village. Juan Cervera and John Baker were the project architects.

This lease, lease-back project is expected to cost $1.7 million when completed. The project started in June and is expected to be completed by the end of this month.

The original contracted work was finished last week, but more work was needed and a new scope-of-work was added.

The Erickson-Hall project team included Bill Grundman, construction manager; Dave Hall, project manager; Mike Thompson, superintendent; Lisa Kozero, project engineer; and Joyce McMillan, site administrator.

Also contracted for this project were T&B Engineering, RHA Engineering, Kevin Smola & Associates Inc., CWA & Associates and RHA Landscape Architects. More than 25 subcontracting companies worked on this project.